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On Failure: When You Fall On Your Face, You’re Still Moving Forward

It is a gratifying and exciting thing to take part 
in a brand’s success. It is crushing to witness failure. We have created solutions that have succeeded far beyond any goals or dreams. We have also created a few solutions … [ read more ]

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A Word About Designers

The designer’s process can’t begin without a problem to solve. Thankfully, there are clients. The amount of information each client brings varies. Some clients have research, extensive materials on consumer behavior and insights, and competitive analysis or reviews. Some clients … [ read more ]

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After We’ve Presented

We’re not going to lie to you: we love presenting new work for the first time. It’s so often a Christmas morning experience for our clients, because they realize that we have actually heard them, and solved the problem in … [ read more ]

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Our Dirty Little Secret

“People you look forward to working with.” That’s what the client at Tazo said about Sandstrom Partners. This is more significant than most design practices realize, because there is a lot of talent out there right now. The differences between … [ read more ]

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What Smells Different?

Now comes the fun part. However, we might warn you in advance: A Sandstrom Partners creative presentation is technically similar to pretty 
much every presentation you’ve ever sat through. Hands are shaken, cards are exchanged (but that’s where it starts … [ read more ]

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Video – Designspeaks with Steve Sandstrom: On Design

A well-done piece by Taiga from Steve’s Designspeaks talk in April. …an evening with Steve Sandstrom as he shares “some things I’ve learned from people much smarter with a few other thoughts and a personal rant thrown in because the … [ read more ]

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Is It Fun Or Work Or Both?

Once we have a singular, focused, brief and—hopefully—inspiring creative brief signed by you, we’re ready to get to work. There will be plenty of collaboration and give-and-take throughout the creative process, but after the brief has been approved, we like … [ read more ]

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A Fly On The Wall

Every firm that has been in business for more than a week has a process of some sort, even
 if they aren’t aware of it, even if it isn’t packaged and branded and trademarked and marketed as such. Ants lack … [ read more ]

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We Don’t Have A Trademarked Process™

Clients who are risk-averse or have extensive internal processes usually want to know what our process is. They want the insurance policy that the work we do isn’t just creative for creativity’s sake, but is effective and has a tested … [ read more ]

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What We Don’t Do

At Sandstrom Partners, we do not decorate. That is a sometimes a perception of designers–we decorate to make things look cool, void of any real concept–shallow and surface beauty. Great concepts are not easy. Restraint, when a designer has so … [ read more ]

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What We See

When you engage Sandstrom Partners, in a very real sense you are hiring us for our eyes, our vision, our ability—both innate and developed over time—to see things in a particular way. In his seminal work Visual Thinking, Rudolph Arnheim … [ read more ]

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Steve Sandstrom’s Work History

"Doing great work for our clients has been the focus" – Steve Sandstrom… [ Read More ]

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What’s the best way to revitalize a business?

In a recent issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, there was an interview with Larry Page as he reflected on what it was like on his first year taking the reigns as CEO of a small company he co-founded…Google. The move to … [ Read More ]

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