Castor & Pollux

The brief for Castor & Pollux was: establish a pet supply brand that will successfully achieve distribution in specialty grocery and lifestyle retailers. So, we started with the name. Castor & Pollux Pet Works was inspired by Greek mythology, but we created the backstory that Castor was the cat and Pollux was the dog who, together, “founded” the company with the specific mission to create products that pets actually liked. This concept led to brand lines like “Paw Made,” and “No humans were harmed in the production of this product.” It also led to product names like “Gotta Go Kitty Litter,” “Wet Nose Rawhide” and “Good Buddy Cookies.” We basically helped develop the entire brand personality: retail environment, packaging, stationery, marketing materials, in-store displays and a trade show booth. Sales have been brisk since introduction and the line is now sold in high-end grocery chains and specialty stores, as well as home furnishings retailers like Restoration Hardware. The founders seem to be really happy; they jump up on our laps whenever they see us.

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