Full Sail Brewing

As mainstream breweries entered the craft category and a new generation of drinkers moved to imported beers and cocktails, Full Sail Brewing began to experience significant sales declines. This was bad. Research revealed the brand had lost its relationship with consumers and no longer offered a relevant alternative to its competitors. This was even worse. Our solution was to accentuate Full Sail’s most differentiating qualities: their independent status, their location in the boardsport mecca of Hood River, and their general passion for life. New brand design drew on visual cues from the surf/skate/snow world, imbued with old-school heritage and craftsmanship. Labels and packaging included vintage postcard photos that brought the unique location of the brewery to life, and the brand’s voice expressed an “independent, employee-owned” vibe with equal parts dudespeak, brewer lingo and enlightened entrepreneurship. Following the rebranding, Full Sail experienced a 30% jump in sales, and continues to expand. They personify the spirit of their tagline: Stoked to brew. Brewed to stoke.

  • Full Sail Bottles - Core Group
  • Full Sail IPA - 6-Pack and 12-pack
  • Full Sail IPA - 6-Pack
  • Full Sail Amber - 6-Pack and 12-pack
  • Full Sail IPA - 6-Pack
  • Full Sail Pilsner - 6-Pack and 12-pack
  • Full Sail Pilsner - 6-Pack
  • Full Sail Bock - 6-Pack
  • Full Sail 21st Anniversary Doppelbock - 22 oz.