Massif asked Sandstrom Partners to help make their brand of fire-protective gear relevant to a new audience of military and aviation personnel. The gear was originally developed for search and rescue professionals, and their logo featured a wacky illustration of a St. Bernard, something the military found cute but irrelevant. After conducting extensive research, we arrived at a key insight: this new audience lives by the credo that a team is only as fast as the slowest, only as strong as the weakest, and only as safe as the least protected. In an environment where a team is only as strong as its weakest link, Massif helps create stronger links. In short, our audience didn’t use Massif because it made them safer; they used it because it made the entire team safer. The brand message we arrived at was: Massif gear provides the optimal combination of performance and protection to help you become a stronger part of the team. The new identity is designed to evoke critical elements of protection, strength, confidence, performance, links, and, of course, bad ass-iness.

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