Smithworks Vodka

Glide over the byways of the vast American heartland and you’ll find a bit of the Smithworks story in every farm and small town you pass. It’s men and women using the water, soil and prairie skies to make something good happen. It’s water from Lake Fort Smith, corn from Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, and a dedicated team in Fort Smith, Arkansas, proudly producing a remarkably smooth American vodka.

And it’s a perfect base to mix with Blake Shelton’s charm and good-hearted mischief. Raised in Oklahoma, the country music and television star knows the values of hard work, humility and an appreciation for the simple things that make up a good life. In partnership with Pernod Ricard, he launched the brand in March of 2016, beginning with limited distribution in–where else? The heartland.

The brand design utilizes vintage hand-cut type, set letter by letter, and features a small, dusty red tractor as the brand’s hard-working and humble icon.

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