Sonoma Cider

Sonoma came to Sandstrom sans name, bottle or production line, just a no-holds-barred commitment to creating a truly great cider worthy of a lost American tradition. After settling on the “Sonoma” brand name, we christened the three initial offerings Anvil, Pitchfork, and The Hatchet and gave the packaging a muscular palate consistent with the strength of the mission and the organic, hands-on process.

As the roll-out continues, we’re deepening the story with a web-site chronicle of traditionalist father and steam-punk son pushing each other onward, raising the bar.



  • Sonoma Cider Family - 4-Packs
  • Sonoma Cider Family - 12 oz. Bottle
  • Sonoma Cider Family - Cases
  • Sonoma Cider Hatchet - 12 oz. Bottle
  • Sonoma Cider Hatchet - 4-Pack
  • Sonoma Cider Hatchet - Case
  • Sonoma Cider Pitchfork - 12 oz. Bottle
  • Sonoma Cider Pitchfork - 4-Pack
  • Sonoma Cider Pitchfork - Case
  • Sonoma Cider Anvil - 12 oz. Bottle
  • Sonoma Cider Anvil - 4-Pack
  • Sonoma Cider Anvil - Case
  • Sonoma Cider Metal SIgn
  • Sonoma Cider Collateral