St. Germain was about to launch the world’s first artisanal elderflower liqueur. However, they did not have the world’s biggest budget to do said launching. So, we knew we’d have to create a compelling visual language around the brand to generate excitement and word of mouth. We also opted to focus initially on key influencers: basically, bartenders in the world’s hippest bars. The creative direction we developed was “La Vie Parisienne en Bouteille,” or “Paris in a Bottle.” Combining Art Nouveau imagery with a “Frenglish” voice that exuded an international ethno-mixologist style, we were able to merge the currencies of authenticity and hipness—in everything from the identity to the point of sale. Despite its premium positioning (or maybe because of it) we also sought to communicate St. Germain’s versatility by offering up interesting recipe ideas in nearly every communication. (Who knew that an elderflower liqueur was versatile?) Since launching in 2007, St. Germain has enjoyed rapid and uninterrupted growth, and the brand has been embraced by cocktail culture both here and abroad. And by “abroad” we don’t mean any disrespect.

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